Kristin Fraser

Managing Partner

Award Profile

Courageous Thinking and Actions
As a young girl, Kristin always strived for excellence; whether it be academics, extracurricular activities, or her first job working for the United States Postal Service. This ambition over the years has helped propel her to become the first female in the Providence office to be admitted to the KPMG partnership. As a partner, Kristin focused on delivering excellent client services, building and developing teams and growing services in the local market. Her hard work and dedication to the firm led to her becoming the Managing Partner of the Providence office in just five years. As managing partner, Kristin represents KPMG in the community, serves on several boards to promote economic development, health, and education. She has been committed to assisting the Rhode Island community by supporting efforts that address pressing social and economic issues. She empowers her team at KPMG, a dedicated and talented team of professionals, to further build a culture of service and tackle the tough challenges facing our state.

Vision and Innovation
Kristin is a highly respected business leader in the Rhode Island community; however, it’s her vision for developing the next generation of leaders within the firm that sets her above the rest. She is a firm believer that education, mentorship and sponsorship is the key to success for her team and the firm. She supports and encourages her managers and staff to take advantage of the learning opportunities and professional development programs within KPMG by participating in a wide variety offerings that develop skills outside of the required technical skills of an accounting professional. Areas like negotiating, market development, coaching and performance management. By encouraging professionals at all levels to continue with professional development and lifelong learning, KPMG is inspiring the next generation to come up with the new ideas and new ways of thinking to advance the firm and meet the ever-changing needs of their diverse clients.

Inspiring Leadership
As the first female promoted to partner and managing partner in the KPMG Providence office, Kristin knows firsthand the importance of mentorship and being a role model. Kristin was named by Providence Business News as “Business Women to Watch” in 2008, and “Financial Services Leader” in 2012. Empowering the next generation of women within the Providence KPMG office is important not only for the firm, but to the female professionals too. Kristin shares her story of success with other women, the challenges that came with being in the profession, and the hard work and dedication it took to become a partner. She hopes by sharing her story with other women, it will give them insight and examples to empower to them grow within the firm and the profession.

Community Mindedness
Kristin understands that business engagement with Rhode Island’s not-for-profit organizations is key to the success of any community. Not-for-Profit organizations play a critical role in providing the resources their constituents need to survive and thrive in Rhode Island. Kristin empowers her team at KPMG to actively engage with organizations that are making a difference in the Rhode Island community. Kristin serves on the board of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, The Providence Foundation, the American Heart Association of Southern New England, and is a member of the Rhode Island Commodores. In addition, Kristin is a former board member and treasurer of the Junior Achievement Board of Directors and continues to serve on the Junior Achievement Executive Leadership Council.

JA Mission Moment
My first experience as a JA board member and classroom volunteer, was at a Providence elementary school. I hadn’t been in an elementary classroom since the 6th grade. As I walked in nothing much had changed, or so I thought. During my introduction to the class, I shared with the students what I do for work. I talked about what fun it is to be an auditor and some of the skills I use to do my job. They were excited to ask me questions about my job. When I asked the kids if they had JA in the past, their response was a loud YES! And they couldn’t wait to tell me all about their JA volunteer and what they had learned. I learned from the teacher that the students would not have a field trip this year due to budget cuts and that the JA in a Day program was going to be their field trip experience. I soon realized the importance of Junior Achievement bringing the field trip to the school, the kids were learning from me what an auditor does.

Volunteering for JA is a fulfilling and memorable experience. Over the last 10 years, it’s been amazing to work with our young people and see their eagerness to learn about careers, budgeting, and owning a business. As business leaders, it’s our responsibility to engage with our young people and share with them the many great career opportunities that are available to them right here in our community.